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Standard block

Each type of block has its own attraction and a distinctive feature, at the same time each block has inherent dignity of all vibropressed products.
High durability: standard block represents a solid product that is not affected by aggregated components.
Low maintenance costs: high durability means reducing the number of repairs, besides color and brightness of the block can resist any weather conditions. Uniqueness and individuality: standard block represented in a wide range of colors, textures and sizes, which provides special originality of your building project.


Splitter block

Splitter block has the original rough surface similar to crushed natural stone. Various fillers and a wide range colorants make it possible to vary the appearance of products. This is the reason why this kind of building block is popular among builders and architects. Splitter block allows construction of buildings of various sizes and styles.


Septum concrete block.

Block is manufactured by volumetric semidry vibrocompression. Block constructed by this method, has pretty good sound insulation properties, it has a high strength and excellent resistance to environmental effects.


Splitter facing block "Fragmentary stone"

Color options: grey, red, brown, green. Can be used for facing of buildings, as a standalone block for fence and other premises. We offer free storage until spring.


Covering element 2 pitched.

Considering that the main purpose of skim element - giving the finished form to the fences made of stones. Also "Covered" should have and resistance to physical and chemical factors to preserve the appearance of the exterior. This is exactly what "Machine-Building Plant MART" LLP offers.


Covering element 4 pitched.

Cover elements designed to protect stone fence columns against adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow. Their installation provides increased attractiveness of fences and buildings. Cover elements used in landscaping areas of all sizes, from huge fences, to small private facilities.


Stone board (sidewalk and road border)

Designed for urban roads framing, roadway and sidewalks. Has special durability characteristics.

Pavement tile

Using the various forms of pavement tiles, you can easily make a beautiful pattern and texture of the pads, sidewalks and squares.

Paving stones "Reel"

Colored paving tiles can be used for stable labeling, such as sectors for parking of vehicles, road markings and pedestrian crossings. Although that color of the pavement tiles does not change with time, the color image could be easily changed by simply replacing the item.

Paving stones «Diamond».

The main purpose of paving stones "Diamond" - expanding the range of possible patterns of paving stones of regular geometric shape - "Sett", "Square", "Small square". Basically paving stones "Diamond" is used in conjunction with paving slabs "Sett", "Square", "Small square". Thanks to triangular shape of paving stones "Diamond" it allows you to create three-dimensional, complex drawings that are well looked over a large area.